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Monday, 16 August 2010

Summer Holidays..

Did anyone say that the summer holidays were fun, relaxing & to be shared with friends & family?

Not likely....

Well maybe the friends bit, having joined a small band of entrepid, stout-hearted (and stout shoe'd) walkers last weekend I was very pleased to have spent several days in adult company despite the added burden of having to walk from Rochester to Canterbury - in the footsteps as it were of Chaucers Pilgrims.....
I'll do it all again if it means another few days away from the stress of school holidays & madness back home ;)

Now, however its back to work..although with many businesses experiencing staff off on their holidays also it is pretty quiet here too! Even the number of phone calls is down to a bare minimum... Never mind, we can always find something to do! Even with the bosses on their annual vacation somewhere on a ship in the med....