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Sunday, 12 April 2009

This is a selection of photographs (Click on the rectangle below) taken at our Childrens Easter Saturday workshop, this year.

A selection of activities was available including making chocolate covered rice krispy nests, an Easter Bonnet, making a miniature Easter garden (as well as helping to decorate the Church's full-size version!), and many other crafty opportunities, leading to mess and messyness......

This years weather report was wet & overcast, but despite this the children still had the fun they expected & completed the "compulsory" egg-rolling competition............(See the last photo for an image which says exactly what was felt about this "rolling" idea)
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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

This is scary.......

Is it always this scary first time around???

I bet it isn't!

Never mind, I shall just get on with it and make it go away, and maybe next time it will be less painful.........


Welcome to my Blog. I'm not sure that anything meaningful will come out of this, but I will sure try. I have managed to amass a HUGE number of links &/ OR bookmarks for other blogs/websites which might be of interest to some of you I shall share, and also I might use this as a forum for my other interests i.e. papercrafts, cards, handmade sterling silver & glass bead jewellery & photography......
Be warned!!

Please feel free to drop me a quick "Hi" in between posts.

Bye for now,