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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pushchairs at 10 paces

I have now been making use, for some weeks, almost every day, of a pram.  Now, as I've stated before, I am not perfect, but equally, this is my fifth child and I do have a few years practice.
I had been on maternity leave for a few months before having my little Chloƫ and already had a number of observations about the way I'd seen others tackling their pushchairs...
These are as follows...


Women with small children in prams/pushchairs seem to think that when out with said baby transport it is the appropriate opportunity to make some very large purchases (bags of ballpit balls, stair gates, boxes of 1000's of nappies) and either loaded the pushchair up and caused it to become very unstable (i.e breath of wind tips it over) or so wide that it looks like it deserves its own police escort and flashing warning lights (oh, and is still very unstable and tips over when mother lets go again!)


When pushing a small infant (less than 6 months old) it is essential to use a stroller (which of course does not recline properly) so that small child cannot lie back properly at all and is uncomfortable through-out the shopping trip and cries constantly, which just adds to the enjoyment already being experienced by the mother who is also trying to make a reluctant pre-schooler hold the pushchair and walk at the speed she is pushing it .....


Mother has decided that "Little Johnny" is far too delicate to walk, despite being 5, being in uniform, and clearly having been just picked up from school.


Mummy thinks that it is clearly more appropriate to put the shopping in the pushchair and push it whilst carrying the tiny baby ALL the while wearing flip-flops.......

Or even (and to some extent most frustrating to me)

Mummys with children capable of using their feet and wearing shoes, still insisting on using a pushchair, but taking them out of said pushchair on a bus, and leaving the pushchair up in the ridiculously limited space reserved for pushchairs, and refusing to fold them up for those actually needing the space i.e. wheelchair users, disabled or elderly people with walking frames, or even other mummys with very young babies in prams etc who cannot walk. I have been forced to sit with my carrycot on my lap in this situation because I needed to pick one of my other children up from school and there were two very selfish women already using the space - both their children were sat on their laps NOT in their pushchairs!

I have others, but I'll leave it there for now.

I do not often judge people but I hate selfishness. I have always bought my children up to share and think of others and cannot understand why others seem unable to do this simple thing. It is simply courteousness and takes no effort.
I also dislike people who clearly do not think about what they are doing......

Or maybe I'm judgmental and unfair. Either way, it's still shows a lack of fore-thought.